Friday, April 16, 2010

Knee-High Tights Refashion

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I really like reading the blog Ruffles and Stuff where I've gotten so many great ideas and refashion tips.

For instance, after seeing her post about too-small tights for little girls, I decided to do the same.
These are some adorable tights from Children's Place that were way too small for Miss Boo (these were 18 months and she's a 4T).
I simply cut off the leg portion of the tights at the highest point below the crotch, folded the "new" top under and sewed a 3/4" hem. Then, I ran some elastic through the hem and that was it! Cute little knee high socks to go with all the dresses and skirts she insists on wearing!
Ignore the bruised and battered knees. Princess she may be, but a klutzy one at that!


Ellen said...

Oooooo, ... what a great idea!!! And to think I just tossed some tights in my cleaning frenzy a few days ago! (darn!) I will definitely remember this little tip for next time, though! Thanks for sharing.

Rachel said...

What a perfect idea! If I send you all of Ali's old tights, will you sew 'em up for me??? ;)