Monday, March 26, 2012

Crocodile Stitch Baby Booties

Well, I've finally started making interesting things for Baby Ella.  I ran across a baby booties pattern on Ravelry, and I thought the design was charming, even though it was crocheted instead of knit and I am generally more attracted to knitting patterns.

I didn't have quick access to the yarn I'd prefer to have used (Knit Picks Chromo), so I made do with some yarn I purchased from JoAnn Fabrics for $3.50.

I'm not sure how well they'll fit or stay on the baby.  In my experience most baby footwear is cute but impractical.  My ultimate favorite baby booties pattern is Christine's Stay-on Baby Booties, but I wanted to experiment with something different for a change.

The buttons were just some I happened to have on hand and I liked the way they brought out the vivid blue in the yarn.  They're a bit big for the crocheted buttonholes, so they're more decorative than useful, but then again, that's the whole point of baby booties to begin with!

It's hard to estimate the size of the finished booties, because until the baby is actually in my arms I have a hard time envisioning how tiny newborns really are, but I'm guessing they wouldn't fit a baby much bigger than 10 pounds.

That's alright, though, because if I'm ever inclined to crochet another pair I'd just use a slightly thicker (perhaps worsted) weight of yarn and a bigger crochet hook.  There's even a pattern on Ravelry for a larger size so I've been debating crocheting a matching pair for Miss Boo.


Caytie said...

These are lovely. Where can I get this pattern to try? Thanks.

Thais said...

What was the yarn you used? The link doesn't look anything like the lovely yarn in the booties.

Anonymous said...

Where can i get the pattern for these? :) Thank you! SO CUTE!