Saturday, November 25, 2006

Thanksgiving with the Leverton Clan

What a nice Thanksgiving we had! The weather was so gorgeous. (Kerissa, as usual, was the photographer for the event, so these pictures are courtesy of her.) We ate all the usual healthy food like turkey, stuffing, ham, pumpkin pie, cookies, pineapple, etc., etc.

You know how the saying goes, "Thanksgiving is about family"? Well, in this family, "Thanksgiving is about FOOTBALL. After eating the scrumptious meal, the boys squeezed into the family room to argue about (and watch) football. An hour or so later, when their stomachs had emptied somewhat, they continued the Leverton tradition of playing football outside in the nearby field. (Thankfully this year it wasn't snowing. A little thing like 30 below never stopped a red-blooded Leverton male from the opportunity to show off his football prowess . . .)

Looks like the next generation of Leverton male is no different . . .Grandpa took all the grandkids for a tractor ride, and let them drive, too! Peter tried to drive into trees a couple of times, but Grandpa averted disaster at the last moment.

Farmer Pete is trying to dig up his aunt Kerissa's flowers. Thankfully the pitchfork is too big for him to do much damage. (Notice the tongue sticking out from extreme concentration).
Breanna, of course, ate everything in sight, and was extremely pleased with herself. She had fun entertaining her great-grandmother, as well as the rest of the Leverton ladies.
The perfect ending to a perfect day!