Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas Memories

Do you have a favorite Christmas memory? Perhaps a tradition that you hold very dear? As I listen to carols on the radio and receive cards in the mail sporting pictures of Victorian sleigh-rides, I am struck with how Christmas is a time for reflecting on the past.

I have many fond memories of past Christmases, but I think the most special Christmas to me was the year my son was born. Peter arrived amidst much to-do a few hours before Thanksgiving, on November 28th, 2003. When Christmas rolled around a month later, my little baby wasn't quite a newborn, but still close. All those new feelings of "mommy-ness" were very strong, and I felt such a fierce, protective instinct, it's impossible to describe to those who aren't mothers (just chalk it up to hormones).

For the first time, the weight of God the Father's sacrifice struck me. He, the Perfect Being filled with perfect love, sent his Son to be born in a stable so that I could be born into His kingdom. God sent His only Son. Jesus didn't arrive on earth as a fluke idea, or some whim of nature. No. God, knowing what was in store for His most dear Son (a horrific death), still sent Jesus.

That Christmas Eve in 2003, I held my little baby boy and marveled how strong the love of God must be for me. I could not even imagine sacrificing my son for anyone, especially myself. How could God sacrifice His Son for me?

I believe the birth of Christ should be celebrated all year, but it's sometimes nice to be reminded of such an important Event. Gift-giving and eating great food is wonderful, and I believe Christ delights in watching His children enjoy the festivities. However, there is no gift that we can give eachother quite like the Gift that He gave for us.
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Lucinda said...

Merry Christmas to you & your family also!

Danielle said...

Hi Rachel, I hope you had a good Christmas. I have to admit mine was a little blah this year. Thank God the true meaning is Jesus or I'd just chuck all the buziness and the rest of the crud along with it! Sorry to be a downer. Thanks for the compliments on my blog, and yes I did switch to beta. I like it so much better. I got the yarn balls up by my title by going into the portion alotted for the discription of your blog. Alot of people put a paragraph explaining what their blog is about under their title so, I thought why not pictures, so I just added picture code there. You have to fiddle around with the code a little to get it right, but you'll get it. If you need help, I'll try to(I figured it out on my own you can I'm sure too!)