Thursday, December 28, 2006

Thankful Thursday

What a wonderful day I had today! My cousin, Andrea, and her husband Nick arrived from Saba (an island in the Netherland Antilles). Andrea has a new baby, Lucas, and he is such a cutie. What a chunk he is, too! He's only three months old, and he's as long and weighs the same as my baby Breanna (and she's 13 months!)

Andrea suggested that we drive to our Oma and Opa's house in Hartwell, Georgia, to show off the babies. Andy watched Peter for me, so we two women and the babies headed to the "Hartwell Monastery" (lovingly knicknamed such, because it is so quiet there). After all the chaos at the Kahue house, it was a bit of a pleasant shock to enter such calm.

Oma and Opa are the best grandparents anyone could ever have. They are fun, quirky, a bit crazy, and have an excellent sense of humor. Their house is so relaxing, and I have so many fond memories of adventures I had there. (Once, I cut through a 3-inch bamboo stalk with a pair of scissors. Opa's never let me hear the end of that one!)

I am so thankful to have such wonderful family. This vacation has been such a blast. I might need another vacation to recover from the lack of sleep I'm getting, but the fun is worth it!


Danielle said...

Rachel, you are most welcome for the help with your blog. Do you call you grandparents Oma and Opa because of where your family is orginally from? Those are neat names for grandparents, friends of mine could never understand why we called my mother's parents Nannie and Poppie. That was just because my sister (who was the oldest grandchild) couldn't say the right words. Kinda cute to our family. My Nannie is still alive and was really a highlight to me at Christmas because she's been really ill this year(she's 82 and in a nursing home), and she was able to come over for our family get-together. Have a good weekend!

TuttleTime said...

Hi Rach,

I am still ranting and raving over the absolutely wonderful picture of Opa, Oma, Peter, and Brianna! What an AWESOME picture. It's a framer!!!! I love them so much. I am so glad you guys went down there. :) --Angie