Monday, February 5, 2007

Crankiness and After-Vacation Blahs

This last weekend our little family headed south (well, not that far south; just about an hour warmer) to our BiL and SiL's house. They were hosting a Super-Bowl Party on Sunday, so we decided to make a weekend trip of it. They have several kids that match our kids in age and energy, and it's always fun spending time with them.

The Super-Bowl Party went as well as can be expected, since the Bears lost. Having no delusions of team loyalty, I was cheering for the Colts. Actually, I have no idea how the game went, because I had an enjoyable two hours of knitting, completely oblivious to men hitting each other over an oblong ball. I will post more pics of my knitting progress later.

However, now that we are home, the realities of being gone are starting to hit me. I made sure the house was picked up before we left, so thankfully we didn't have to get back to a dump. That's one good thing.

Here's a bad thing. The cat was locked in my bedroom for two days. TWO DAYS! I will leave the scene of disaster to your imagination, which leads me to my next disaster.

Having no desire to sleep or touch sheets and bedding that my cat - - - - - ed on, I decided to do all the laundry.

My washing machine is frozen solid. Did I mention that it has been 20 below here (with wind chill factor)? If you're not one of those sissies who mind wind chill factor, it is still a respectable 5 below. All of which means that my washing machine is frozen stiff.

Thankfully, I am not at a loss, and know just what to do. I must pour boiling water down the drainage pipe and set the little space heater on high for a few hours. How do I know how to do this? Well, before my most excellent husband built my laundry room for me, it was actually just a walled-in porch. That meant that every time the temperature went below 30 degrees, I had to thaw out my washing machine before I could use it.

Lastly, since I am in the "venting" mode, I have two very cranky children on my hands. Breanna has a legitimate excuse, because she's been teething and running a low fever all night. Peter is just sleep-deprived. How is it that a few hours less sleep can convert a child from this:

to this:?

Perhaps he's just upset because the Bears lost the football game. He does look a lot like the L--- men after the Superbowl last night!


Anonymous said...

Check this out... is funny

Ellen said...

Ah, you're having one of THOSE days. I'm praying for you. I can relate to the cranky kids, but can't say I would have known what to do about my frozen washing machine. I'm so sorry. I am sorry about the weather too... we are going through the same thing here. Today, it's 3 degrees out,... but the windchill is about 20 below as well. Definitely thinking about you today. -Wanna run away for a vacation somewhere warm?? :)

lynn said...

This weather sucks doesn't it?? Sorry to hear about the washing machine...i've never experienced that. (Knock on wood!)

My knitting is getting better!...or at least i'm getting a washcloth sized thing of yarn made. haha!

Woman who knits said...


I totally understand the lack of sleep thing. It's amazing how quickly the tide will turn if one thing goes astray and the kids are already tired!!!

Hope everything settles down soon!!!

Danielle said...

Cold weather, cranky kids, frozen washing machine-not a good day! Things gotta get better my friend. I am a wimp who hates this freezing cold weather. I haven't gone outside all weekend. My boys didn't even have school today because of the wind chill advisory's- so it is a serious thing. I think your washer is trying to tell us something--It's dang cold outside!!!

Rohanknitter said...

This weather is getting to be a drag, isn't it! I enjoyed visiting your blog and seeing your cute little kids - it brings back memories. Great buttons for any sweater named "Rohan!"

Acornbud said...

OMG, that look on Peter's face just takes me back! Your happy boy is in there somewhere;) I'm glad you were able to unfreeze your washer. I don't know how one makes it without one when they have kids and an incarcerated cat. At least the rest of the house was neat. Can't wait to see your knits. BTW, I like Lamb's Pride because it has a little sheen. I only have used it for hats so far.

TuttleTime said...

First of all, I am so sorry Rachel about the Da$%n cold up there. I guess I just never realized you had it so cold in your laundry room. I will NEVER complain about doing my laundry any more. (((hugs)))

I have to admit (sorry about this) that I laughed out loud when I saw the sweet pic of Peter followed by the one of him crying. It's hilarious to me for some reason. You have to get those pics into a scrapbook, because you will laugh at it when he's a teenager! Love you, Angie