Thursday, February 8, 2007

Thankful Thursday

This week I am especially thankful for women who inspire me to be a better person.

Of course, I could not talk about inspiring women, without mentioning my wonderful mum. I could go on and on about her many fine qualities, but I think the thing I love about her most is her determination and encouragement. When I am feeling down or fighting the temptation to binge, she is the perfect person to help me back up.

And while I'm bragging about my dear ol' mum, let me tell you that she is . . . . . (drum roll, please) . . . . . .

A GOLDEN APPLE TEACHER! If you don't know much about teaching, just realize that this is a HUGE award, and very prestigious. My mum teaches little kids (oh dear, I can't remember what age group!) and also has the coolest Science Labs. A few days ago, News Channel 4 came to her classroom to interview her, and she'll be on TV tonight. My famous Mum!

Secondly, I'd like to show you these socks my friend Stephanie made. Stephanie is one of those sickeningly amazing women who can do everything and everything well. She is such an encouragement to me not to slack off and to be more humble. Even though she is extremely talented and smart (the woman can count! I, however, am a math dunce), she is not stuck-up about it.

These were her very first socks made with sock yarn, and she did it with a beautiful twisted cable down the cuff. Amazing.

Isn't it wonderful that God gave us friends and family that can help us to be better people?

(Oh, if you are not mentioned in this post, please know that you are an amazing woman, too. However, I just heard a horrific crash from upstairs, and must see what Peter broke . . . . )


Danielle said...

Hope the "horrific crash" was nothing serious. I am also blessed with many very inspiring women in my life, past and present! Sadly, I too am a math dunce. I refer to myself as math impaired. I've never ever been good at it. Oh well, that's what they invented calculators for, right?

Renee said...

Congrats to your mom!!! That is so exciting! Can we find the footage online anywhere? I notice like the great mom she is, she wore the sweater you made her on tv, right? :)
I too am mathematically challenged. A not so good trait for a teacher you know. My biggest fear is counting back change. I simply cannot do it. My mind goes blank and I start to panic. Horrible really when parents are paying for something and their child's teacher is unable to correctly give back their needed change. :)

Sue J. said...

Thanks for the nice comment about Shedir. Yes, your brother would love it because it is very beenie like. Brooklyntweed made one for his brother. What a nice post about your mom. We women have to be strong, it seems. We are, after all, the glue that holds the fabric of the family together. You, too, are strong and are blessed with darling little ones and excellent knitting skills and much talent. Never forget to take the time to take care of you.

TuttleTime said...

Isn't our Mom, great! How sweet to put that as your Thankful Thursday post! Love it! YOU ARE AN AMAZING WOMAN, TOO, RACH. Any mother of two young kids, who can do all that you do, teach piano, and deal with a frozen washing AMAZING!!! I could NOT do what you do. :) Love you, Ang