Thursday, March 1, 2007

A Bit of Upbeat Music and Earl Grey Tea

Yesterday my kitchen was in dire need of a good cleaning. So what did I need to accomplish this impossible feat?

A strong pot of Earl Grey tea and a peppy Celine Dion CD.

Cleaning the kitchen is a lot more fun when you can dance your way through it! Of course, Breanna thought she would help by rearranging my Tupperware drawer . . .

Peter (with help from the cat) decided to catch fish for some fish soup. We cut out little paper fish, and put paper clips on their noses. I then made him a "fishing pole" by attaching a magnet to a length of yarn, and then to a wooden spoon. I think the yarn was pointless, because he just put the magnet directly on the fishes with his hands.

He must not be that good of a fisherman, though, because he decided to put something else in his soup . . . .

Later in the day we made an odd looking snowman. I do see a resemblance to myself in the hairstyle. The nose looks more like Andy, though. (hee hee!)