Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Classic Twist Sweater"

It's so difficult to resist from picking up a new project when one buys new yarn from the LYS. I have a few projects already on the needles that are close to being done, but I was so excited about this Patons Decor yarn, I cast on anyway!

(Now Josh, don't assume that this sweater is for you. I know we recently discussed the possibility of my knitting you a sweater for Christmas, but I have at least three sweaters I'm knitting for my favorite guys. This may or may not be yours. You'll just have to hope!)

After searching fruitlessly for a free sweater pattern I liked, I threw up my needles in despair and decided to write my own. Here's what I'm aiming for: (1) a simple, classic sweater that won't necessarily be out of style in two months, (2) set-in sleeves for a tailored, fitted, look, and (3) a short rolled neck so the sweater can be worn with or without a collared shirt.

So, to achieve my goals I decided to have a simple cable and ribbing combination that runs the length of the sweater. This keeps the design simple without looking too boring. The cables are loose, occurring every 6th row, so that the contrast between the regular rib and the cable isn't too severe. There is not fitted ribbing on the bottom of the sweater, as I find such ribbing a bit dated.

One advantage to this design is that vertical ribbing creates a tall, slimming illusion, something that most of us could use! I've only knitted about 8 inches so far, but I'm having fun envisioning the rest of it!


Shelley said...

So far the knitting looks great! Can't wait to see your fnished sweater self-designed!

Brenda said...

Excellent choice of rib and cable! What are you doing at the bottom for the edge without ribbing? I don't like the tight ribbing either, so I am curious.