Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Tuesday Tip

This tip comes courtesy of my friend Lynn J. I have to say, it really does work wonders!

If you have a stained garment that just refuses to come clean, put it in a pot of boiling water with Oxyclean. "Cook" for about 20 minutes, and the stain will be gone. Rinse in cool water, and wash as you normally would.

I tried this on a turtleneck of mine that had a grease stain on it. Nothing else I tried would get the stain out, and I had almost given up on it, even though it's my favorite turtleneck. Oxyclean in the washing machine did not have the same affect as it did when I boiled it on the stove.

For this experiment I used a generic version of the stain fighter, and it worked just as well. I would note, however, that this process might slightly fade colored garments. If you're getting desperate, though, desperate measures are called for!


Ellen said...

Hmm,... thanks. This is definitely something to try. Especially with children around the house,... ;) Thanks for the tip!

lynn said...

I'm such a freakin' celebrity!! heehee! Yes this does work! I have got a number of VERY hard stains out of clothes. It's great!

marlise said...

Thanks for the great tip! I'm constantly spilling things on myself, so I have a mental list of items I'll try. I would have been a little afraid to boil a couple of them, but since I won't wear them the way they are I don't really have anything to lose by trying. If it works as well as you say, I'll be thrilled.