Thursday, March 8, 2007

Yes, I'm Hooked Too!

When my parents were visiting in February, my Mom, who had recently become an consultant, gave a presentation for me and a few friends. (If you haven't visited her blog yet, you should. She has the most embarrassing picture of me getting a facial)

Well, I think I'm getting hooked on the stuff. I have to be frank and state that some of their products are a little pricey. If you buy your cosmetics or skin care at department stores, you'd find Arbonne's stuff comparable, but I must confess up till now that I've been a Wal-mart faithful.

However, Arbonne's botanically based formulas and healthy ingredients convinced me to start using their stuff. I was most eager to get their baby lotion, since most store-bought baby lotion (even Johnson & Johnson) contains petroleum-based products which have been shown to be carcinogenic (not to mention the PCB's in all the stuff).

My first package came in the mail earlier this week, and my second package filled with birthday goodies from my dear mum came this morning.

My personal all-time favorite is the salt scrub. I have always had dry skin and rough hands, but this stuff makes my hands feel like silk, and the effects last for hours. Let me tell you as one knitter to another, this stuff is fabulous.

So, now I too am an Arbonne consultant. I don't think I'll be doing much in the sales department, but I decided to join up for the 35% discount on all the purchases I make for myself. Woo hoo!

(If you're curious about Arbonne, or want more information, you can check out their website or leave me a comment.)


Lynn said...

I LOVE all their products...including the salt scrub. Use it all the time. The make-up is wonderful too!

Now...I just need to sell more CM so I can purchase more Arbonne. haha!

Ellen said...

Rachel I love the pics and the narrative. Wait till you see the next two pics I have of the self-tanner. I am on day three now. I have had no streaking and no weird lines. You will be out of salt scrub soon if you keep giving it away!

Danielle said...

Rachel I don't think that picture of your facial is embarassing, it's cute! All the Arbonne products sound fabulous. I think another lady online also started Arbonne last year. Hey, as to your question on my blog about the weight of yarn I used for the rainbow snake, it was worsted. In fact it was caron simply soft brights, I love that yarn alot. I'm also finishing up a baby snakey, and an egg for him to go in at my sons request. I'll be posting fo's and pattern soon.

Anonymous said...

Oma was here.