Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Sick, but Still Knitting!

The kids quickly recovered from their bout of illness (they get over being sick so fast!), but now I've come down with a bad cold and sore throat. Saturday was the worst day for me, so the menfolk were very nice and helped out a bit around the house.

I always say, "There's nothin' so handsome as a man cleanin' house"!

Although I wasn't feeling well, I did manage to get some knitting done. However, I think I over-did it, because today my wrists are a bit sore. I think I'll put the knitting on hold for a day or two (no, really, I really will . . . . I can stop anytime I want to . . . . I'm not an addict . . .).

I finished knitting three lace angels from Angels, A Knitter's Dozen, which will be Christmas presents for - - - -. They were surprisingly quick to knit (well, not exactly "speedy", but still not nearly as difficult as I had envisioned). I still have to sew a little bell to their undersides, and sew their arms together so they look more like they're praying, instead of reaching for you in a menacing manner . . . .

I was even able to use some stash yarn, since I have about four balls of size 10 wt. cotton yarn. (I don't think all three angels even took up a quarter of one ball, but at least my stash is coming in handy!)

I can't believe how small these little things are! From the cover of the book, I figured they'd be larger, but wow, are they tiny! The hardest part was knitting the head and the skirt on four dpns. The tiny thread kept slipping off if I wasn't careful - ugh. It was like knitting with cobwebs (speaking of cobwebs, I must remember to dust today . . . enough of that, on to more knitting content!)

The second panel of Peter's birthday blanket is done and sewn onto the first one. I have to knit several more panels, but he's already using it as it is. It's nice to know that something I'm knitting for him will be used and loved!

Finally, I am SOOOOO pleased to show the simple cabled vest that's a Christmas present for - - - - -. I got the pattern from the book, Men in Knits, and the yarn was Plymouth Encore (I think). It wasn't actually the yarn called for in the pattern, but I was able to get gauge eventually by going down three needle sizes. Worsted weight yarn knitted on size 5 needles makes for a fairly dense fabric, so this will be nice and warm once the weather gets a bit more chilly.

I've taken a hefty chunk of out my Christmas knitting list, but I still have lots more to do. However, I think I'll give my wrist a rest (hmmm, that's actually rather hard to say - "wrist a rest" hee hee!) and catch up on other things around the house. I hope everyone had a nice Labor Day holiday!