Thursday, January 31, 2008

Children's Ministry

Parents of children (3 and under) are invited to use our nursery. Caring volunteers will care for your children during the service and will page you if your child requires attention, (or if we need your help during the service).
Many parents naively assume (when it comes to children's ministry) "bigger is better": a church with 200 children and 4 youth pastors) must be 'better for kids' than a smaller one. But new research suggests that the big, box-store approach to youth ministry often yields disappointing results.
We believe the wisest 'kid's ministry' equips parents to shape their family-culture, uses age-appropriate classic books, Biblical teaching and serving together as a family. The best 'kids sermons' come from Gospel-centered dads and moms, who live-out the Gospel at home, and in their neighborhood.

To help our parents reinforce their home-based, teaching and care, Grace does host a Children's Ministry.