Friday, January 18, 2008

A Few of My Favorite Things

My friend, formerly blogless Lynn (formerly blogless, not formerly friend, just in case you're worried), beat me to the punch and already posted some of her favs. Oh well, as they say, "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery"!

(Hmph, but I'll have you know, I've been planning this post for two weeks before she got to it. Hmph.)

I would like to further comment that these are some of my new favorites that I've only recently fallen in love with.

So, without further ado, drum-roll please!

Ferroro Rocher Chocolates. Some cruel, hard-hearted person gifted me with this at the last family gathering, and my life will never be the same. The combination of chocolate and hazelnuts has always been my nemesis. I blame my upcoming delivery of a 20 pound baby on this unknown gifter.

Chris Botti. He's my new secret crush. Okay, perhaps not so secret now. In all seriousness, I could easily throw away my wonderful life in the Frigid North just to hear him play on that smooth deliciousness of a trumpet. Ahhhhh, Chris Botti with a cup of hot tea and Ferror Rocher Chocolates - does life get any better? (I like Andrea Bocelli a lot, too, but he's an old favorite, so he's being unceremoniously shoved aside for the blonde Botti.) Don't believe me? Play the clip, but just make sure you're sitting so you don't lose all circulation to your legs when you forget to breathe and pass out from sheer euphoria.

Oh, one more thing about this whole trumpet business: I'm a violinist, and string players have a deep-seated antipathy toward brass people. That should tell you how good Chris Botti is - a violinist is in love with trumpet music. (Now I'm officially banned from all string gatherings henceforth.)

Bissell Little Green Steam Cleaner. Having now suffered through two attacks of the flu with two toddlers (just do the math - that adds up to a lot of piles of sick), this little beauty has permanently changed my life and the nostrils of those forced to enter my house. It's small, portable, works like a dream, and is sleek and modern looking. Whenever I feel bad about my self image, I just imagine myself as a little Green Machine. Voila, instant lift!

Hayley Westenra's new album Celtic Treasure. I've always loved the purity of her voice, and the combination of songs is truly breathtaking. My personal favorite is Shenandoah. Just watch. You'll see. This was such a nice surprise from Handyman. He got lots of brownie points!

Michael Kors Perfume. I don't know if it's because it's some pregnant craving, or if the more aromatic nature of my Hawaiian side is coming out, but I've been addicted to this purfume lately. (Hee hee, two members of my family are famous for their "trail of scent" that wafts 10 feet behind them. We won't mention which ones they are. Everyone else knows anyway.)

Well, these are just a few of my newest discoveries! Hope you like some of these too!