Thursday, January 10, 2008

On Wednesday nights I take Peter to Awanas at a church here in our town. I've been really impressed with their program and the level of teaching that he's been getting. Since our own church doesn't have anything for little kids, it was quite a surprise to me how much Peter is able to pick up when it's geared towards his age-level. Sometimes the questions he asks really floor me, like, "Mom, is Jesus God? Can God die? Where's heaven? What are angels?" Why can't he ask me stuff like, "How can I be good?" "Where should I clean up my toys first?" and "Can I take a nap now?"

One of the nice things about Peter's particular class is that a few of my music students volunteer as helpers. It made it a lot easier for Peter to fit in since he recognized them! Peter's friend Gracie is also in his class. (Gracie's momma was Blogless Lynn, but now she's got a blog, so I can't bug her about that anymore. Hmmm, must find something else . . . .!)

I think Peter has a good time. What do you think? Perhaps he's just a little bit miserable there . . . . Ha! The interaction is good for him, because he tends to be a bit of a loner.

The very best thing about Awanas?

It totally wears him out.