Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Friends and Family Fun

Sorry that I haven't posted in awhile. Things are starting to get crazy(er) around here, as this is the last week before my students' recital on Saturday. I'm trying very hard not to blow up from the frustration and stress. If you read on the evening news that there was a small nuclear explosion from the general area of the midwest, well, that was me.

It was very nice to get a evening out with some friends last Friday night. Our great metropolis of a town only has one coffee shop that's open past 6:00 (and only on Friday), so that's where we knitters decided to meet. It was a little unfortunate, as the band playing that evening was, um, loud, to say the least, but at least it was fun! (That's Karen and Nikki).

I don't actually get much done when I get together with friends to knit, but somehow, in between all the laughing and eating, I managed to get a couple inches done on Handyman's birthday socks. (The man has ENORMOUS FEET.) I feel like I'm knitting ski covers . . . Oh yes, that's my friend Lynn and me with my shawl. Did I mention my shawl? I'm sure I haven't . . . Oh, I have? Once or twice? Every post? Sorry.

(Usually I try to maintain a semblance of humility, but I'm not even going to bother with this shawl. I'm so tickled with it I could burst. I only hope I'm as pleased with the baby when he comes . . . poor kid, he's got a lot to live up to! What? Of course my priorities are in order . . .)

Then, on Saturday, we had Handyman's family over for a turkey dinner. For some reason, the turkey wasn't cooked completely by dinner time, which was very embarrassing for me. (Why, oh WHY does this always happen when the in-laws are over? Thankfully they're very nice about it all.). I hate turkeys. At least there was enough cooked on the bird to get a taste of it, and I did make a lot of extra stuff like corn pudding and green bean casserole.

Now, of course, that the turkey is cooked completely, I've got turkey coming out of my ears (and fridge.) Anyone got any good turkey leftover recipes? (No, that's not the turkey. That's my SiL Kerissa. How could you even suggest such a thing?)

That's Handyman's brother, Tom. Isn't he cute? (Not as cute as Handyman, of course, but they can't all be so lucky.) The man has Mountain Dew flowing through his veins instead of water, I think. How is it possible to drink so much of the vile brew without one's veins clogging? Just not fair. Oh, did I mention he's single? (He's also gonna kill me. Not really. He's actually very nice. He'll just hate me a little bit.)

The kids had great fun jumping on their Grandpa while he was trying to sleep on the couch. The picture is blurry, because, as you can imagine, they didn't want to hold still for even a second. Why would they, when they can jump on their Grandpa? What could possibly be more entertaining? The most amazing thing is that he actually managed to fall asleep . . . Unbelievable.

Oh, my dear Mum was nagging me for a preggo picture, so here's one to oblige her. Grrrrr. I feel like a beached whale. A pregnant beached whale. A pregnant beached whale that is bloated. And with swollen ankles. (Oh, right, whales don't have ankles. . .)

What's that you say about that dainty little green item I'm wearing? Funny you should mention that . . .