Monday, March 17, 2008

I'm a Suh-vi-vah . . .

. . . and you know how the rest of the song goes, I expect. Nope, I don't look like Beyonce and the rest of the gals in that music video, but I certainly felt like attempting it after the recital was done. Thankfully my pregnant bulk got in the way just in time to save my dignity and self-respect (no snide comments about my dignity or self-respect, okay? Hee hee.)

Done, and no major disasters! Woo-hoo!

I think this wasn't the best recital I've ever given, but it wasn't really anyone's fault for that, including mine (thank goodness!). Because of all the snow we've gotten, my poor students have had to prepare for a recital with about 3-4 lessons fewer than they usually have, and I think they came through marvelously.

(Oh, if the music is interfering with the videos, just scroll to the bottom of the blog and pause the music player at the bottom).

The biggest disappointment for me was a certain student who didn't show up to the recital, and who has still not contacted me as to why she didn't come. The worst part, is that she was supposed to sing "What is this Feeling" (from the musical Wicked) with another student and had a Lord of the Rings song with three other violin students. I felt really badly for the other students, as they had gone to great lengths to practice and show up early in order to be ready for their songs. *Sigh*. Oh well. I suppose the Lord is paying me back for the torture I inflicted on all of my own teachers . . . (hee hee, I was a really awful student!)

Handyman was such a big help moving things and being errand boy for me, and he was also my kind videographer for the recital, too. Unfortunately, I forgot to put an extra tape in our video camera, so the last part of the recital he had to capture on my little Sony photo camera. Still, I think my little "itty-bitty" did a pretty good job! The added advantage, is that if you hear any wrong notes, I can blame it on the poor audio quality of the camera.

I couldn't find a maternity dress that I liked (at least for a price that I'd be willing to spend), so I decided to just sew one, and I'm SO glad I did. I already had the fabric in my fabric stash (yeessss, I have another stash in the attic, this one of fabric . . .), so other than purchasing the pattern and notions, it was a cheap dress to make. I'm a fair seamstress at best (I have a tendency to do things in a rather slipshod manner), but I think this dress came out better than I could have hoped. It fit great, was comfortable, and (surprise, surprise!) I could wear my shawl with it! Why, that's so nice of you to notice my shawl . . .!