Saturday, July 12, 2008

Sling #2

I blame it all on my friend Flip Flopping Mama, because she's the one who got me addicted to using a sling with Baby Gabe. Perhaps if he were my first or even second I wouldn't be using it as much, but since he's child #3, I desperately need both arms available so that I can grab children #1 and #2 and bop their heads together.

I'm joking.
Not really.

Yes, I'm joking!

The tube sling I made is very nice, but since accessories are one of my few ways of feeling slightly part of the fashion world, I couldn't stop with just one, even if it was reversible. (Okay, so I'm stuck in a previous era heretofore called "Moms with No Time To Wear Matching Clothes". I'm catching up. When I'm 80 I might be in the right century.)

For the sling uninitiated, this is usually referred to as a Maya Wrap, although most people who see me call it "that Indian thingy you're wearing . . ."

In case you're wondering, I heavily edited the photo so you can't see my hair. I did that on purpose, after I tried editing my hair from "frighteningly bad hair" to plain "bad hair". It didn't work, and since I figured a headless body carrying a baby might be rather traumatizing, I had to settle for the police version of "this photo has been edited to protect the innocent". . .

Here's a close-up shot of the rings, which I purchased from a source on Ebay that sells these specifically for slings. I wouldn't recommend buying anything less, as the baby's weight (and safety) is resting on those rings. If I make another one (I know, I know, will the mania ever stop?!), I'd purchase a slightly larger ring or use less thick fabric, since it's a tad bit difficult to pull the fabric into position.

On the whole, though, I'm very pleased with the results. Gabe seems to like it too. He's sleeping.