Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Baby Toes

Knitting around here is pretty much at a standstill, simply because of all the canning I've been doing. I had hoped with the cooler weather that my job would be nearly done, but I was fortunate enough to find two people with apple trees, and my greedy little fingers just couldn't resist the work, hee hee! After all, what's better than homemade apple butter, applesauce, apple pie, and dried apple slices? I'm sure once my tired mind has recuperated I'll be thankful for all the produce in my larder. An apocalypse could hit and our family would last for years.Still, it was bugging me that Baby Gabe didn't have one hand knit item for himself. On top of that, his poor little tootsies didn't have any socks other than the wonderful booties that were knitted for him by a friend. I just couldn't bring myself to buy socks from Wal-mart. I just couldn't. That would be admitting defeat, and this knitter's self-respect just couldn't stand it.So, I finally got around to knitting him a pair of socks. They're almost too small, but at least I can appease my conscience with the fact that he does, at last, have something knitted for him by my fingers.I used up some of that leftover sock yarn that's been in my stash for ages. I believe it's leftover Plymouth Sockotta self-striping stuff. I did try to get the stripes to match perfectly, but by the time I got to the second sock I just wanted to get it done.

The apples in the kitchen were starting to rot, after all.


TuttleTime said...

I love the pictures of baby Gaby. :) So cute...his socks are nice.

Anonymous said...

Wow! You can't deny that boy - doesn't he look alot like Peter? Peter the boy that is. Not Peter the dinosaur/jaguar/hippo/anteater. I can't believe how much he's growing! And I've only got to hold him one time. Any chance you're coming down?

Ellen said...

love all the pics of Gabe too -- he's sooooooooo cute! :) Love the socks - they look great!

Kit-bert: evil HR Director said...

awww...look at the chubby bubby's legs....soooo cute - I love the socks too!

and where was Miss Boo during all this picture taking???

(I can just hear her in the background saying a bunch of words jumbled together and ending with a prompt: "hmmph!")

Kisses to them all from Auntie Lynn AND Auntie Chris!! LOL

hakucho said...

Oh sooooo, cute!

Good luck with all your cooking and stocking up :)