Monday, September 15, 2008

The Wilderness Family

Camping this weekend was a lot of fun, which was especially surprising, as it rained torrentially the entire weekend.Before you start thinking I'm completely insane (as opposed to nominally insane), let me qualify myself by stating that we slept in a cabin. I like nature, but not enough to want to sleep on top of six-inch deep mud for two nights.The cabins were so cozy and quaint, and I got to feel all outdoorsy and rustic as I cooked a few meals over our little propane griddle. Handyman and I bought this thing when we were on our honeymoon nine years ago. (Yes, we camped on our honeymoon. What can I say, we were young, we were in love, we didn't really notice anything else like mosquitoes and record high temperatures . . .)The beds weren't too bad either, although it's nice to be able to sleep in my own comfy bed now. Handyman and Gabe checked out the cushy factor of the mattress. I think Gabe's more limber, but it's tough to say who's cuter . . .Gabe really enjoyed all the feminine attention. The ladies just fall all over him, but I remind him that they're too old for him.Breanna had fun discussing fashion with the other young women. "So, what do worms do for your fashion sense? I bet they go nicely with that hair style." Poor child. I wonder if my daughter will ever have good hair?
Handyman had gotten the kids each their own fishing poles, and thankfully on Saturday there was enough of a break in the weather that they got to use them for an hour or so. Since these two innocent faces didn't fool me one bit, I stayed back at the cabin and chatted with some friends (it was our church group that went, so we had lots of nice company) while Handyman took the two on an excursion into the wilds.Sadly, they didn't catch anything.This might have been due to the fact that Handyman wisely removed the hooks and just put sinkers on instead.Peter did manage to catch some grass, though. Smart child. Takes after me.Another great thing about this campsite was that it had some sort of huge bouncy pillow thing that was like a trampoline. At first, it was only the kids on there, but after Breanna and I started bouncing together, the adults decided it was okay for them, too.Peter was having so much fun he was practically hysterical. (Please ignore my daughter's butt crack. She sometimes has trouble keeping her pants up. Or on.)
I look at this picture, and think, "Ugh, the laundry a mommy must do!" I suppose it is all in the name of fun!Peter had no fear, despite the fact that he was often bounced several feet into the air by 6-foot tall men who should know better. I'm not naming names, though. Nope.
Here's a quick video of the bouncy pillow:


Twinmama said...

Looks like a neat campground! Sorry about all the rain. I bet that put a damper things, LOL.
How many beds were in each cabin, where they just one room things, or was there a bathroom? Just wondering about the set up.
There was no link for the video.
Great new look to your blog, by the way!

Danielle said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful time, and made lots of precious memories :) Too bad about the rain, but you sound like it didn't dampen your spirits any.

Your blog looks very pretty btw. Love the new 3 column look.

Ellen said...

What a great sounding weekend! Looks like you had a wonderful time, judging by the pics. :) Hope it was a time of refreshment for you all. Love the new look of your blog! So pretty.

Kit-bert: evil HR Director said...

Looks like you all had a great time! I love the pics! and I love your new layout on here - very nice! :)

Diane said...

That's my kind of camping. Seriously sleep on the groud in a tent is fun .... if you're 6. Handyman is a very smart huddy indeed. Much easier to explain that the fish aren't biting than taking a kid to the er to have a fishing hook removed.

hakucho said...

Did you change your blog again? Looks great :)

I'm glad you had a great time despite the weather! The kids will have lots of nice memories :)