Friday, October 17, 2008

Knit Night

Some of us have been getting together off and on over the summer to chat and knit. It's been pretty informal, because we're all so busy. (Personally, I have the nagging belief that if things are scheduled, then they're doomed to failure.)

However, since we've now been blessed with a yarn store, we've talked the owner into letting us meet at her shop. (I try to act all calm about having access to a yarn shop, but in reality inside I'm screaming with happiness). A few weeks ago we had our first meeting.
I was really hoping a lot of people would be able to show up, but flimsy excuses like sickness and the need to show up for work kept a few people away.

Thankfully, Nikki and Flip Floppin' Mama came to chat and get some knitting done (as well as the owner, Cathy, of course. She's wise not to leave her shop unattended while I'm there.)
I had earned a little bit of money from doing the music for a wedding, so I decided to reward my hard work by blowing it all on yarn. So satisfying, I must say. When I feel sad I just pull it out and stroke it.Yes, I'm weird.

Hey, I was just so thrilled to find this beautiful heathery stuff that's being sold by a local artist. After all, one must support the local arts.

I'm all about selfless acts of kindness.

(If you're in my area and would like to meet up with us, we get together the first Friday night at every month at 7:00, and stay till about 9:30. If you decide to come, call the owner, Cathy, to let her know. Her shop is called "One More Row", and the phone number is 815-732-2353)


Acornbud said...

I have "show my email address" checked, so I hope you can see it.
Yes, you really must do your part for the yarn industry. Think about those naked sheep who gave their fleece...

hakucho said...

Sounds like fun :)

Renee said...

I am not a knitter, but I am envious of your girls night out time. Those seem to be few and far between for me. :)
I like acornbud's perspective about "all those naked sheep!" Haha!

Lucinda said...

I'm glad you have an LYS now! I love being able to buy yarn done by a local artist. That's always what I look for when travelling if I go to an out of town LYS; local stuff makes for the best possible souvenier yarn.

That heathered yarn is gorgeous!