Friday, October 31, 2008

What Am I Going to Do With Myself?

Today is one of those days that only come along once every three months or so - I don't have to teach, so my afternoon is free. Free! My children are ALL napping, and I've got a good 2 hours of blissful freedom before anyone complains that their stomach is hungry, their wings are ripped, their dinosaur is stuck in the toilet, or their body is stuck in the 5-gallon carrot bucket (really, it happened).

So, what do I do with this oasis of free time? Did I do some much-needed laundry? No. Clean the kitchen? No. Remove the evolutionary animal from the back of the fridge? No.

I picked my feet.

Yes, I'm all about honesty here at Yarn Over; honesty, and the achievable goal of making a complete fool out of my self!

My friend Flip Floppin' Mama posted about her wonderful experience with the new foot sensation, the Ped Egg, and since I think she's cool and posh and stylish, of course I had to get one too.I don't get pedicures, because I just don't have the time, and if I'm going to spend money, it'll be on yarn. This thing, though, was SO worth the money. I also got a shaver, because I had a vague suspicion that there was enough leather on the bottom of my feet to make my own clogs.I was right, too. When I was done shaving off all the callouses, I had a tidy pile of grossness that was the same size as my foot. (Hmmm, I wonder if I've gone down a foot size now?). So gross. So cool.

To complete my feeling of pampered-ness, I rubbed on some special lotion especially for disgusting rhino-hide feet like mine. Oh yeah, that was especially nice.

No more snagging the bed covers when I slide into bed!

(Besides, what if my calloused feet wore a hole in my hand-knit socks? That'd be a tragedy of epic proportions!)


hakucho said...

Good to know...glad you enjoyed yourself :)

Flipfloppingmamma said...

I'm cool posh and stylish?? Who knew!? I didn't that's for sure. I told you this thing was worth it. And you got a Tweezerman?! The BEST!!

Kit-bert: evil HR Director said...

you are hilarious Rachel! a whole foot size smaller?? LOL too funny!!!

Kit-bert: evil HR Director said...

by the way....LOVE LOVE LOVE the songs Rach, I'm totally stealing one of them!! :) good stuff! I love Autumn Leaves song! :)