Thursday, November 13, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Alright, so this is a few weeks late. At least I got this post out before Thanksgiving!

This year for Halloween, Peter decided to be a Transformer, Breanna was Snow White, and Gabe didn't have any choice, he was a cute, adorable tiger. We didn't do all that much for Halloween. Since the kids are still little, they don't know any better, and even a handful of candy is a treasure-lode for them. We just walked a few blocks around our house, stopping at the occasional home that had the light on (and therefore was open for the candy business). Daddy made sure that there was enough Milky Way bars in there, and then we headed back home to reconnoiter.

We had a nice time together as a family, and it was a neat moment for me to just watch my kids being kids and having a blast. I have to admit, though, that Breanna's choice of fashion accessory was unusual.I guess all the Snow Whites these days carry Viking axes.


Ellen said...

Maybe Bonna can be an assertiveness trainer when she grows up. Not to worry about anybody pushing this Diva around!!

Ellen said...

A-DOR-A-BLE! Love the pics. :) Sounds like a good night - glad you had fun.

Danielle said...

The kiddies look like they had lots of fun ;) We didn't do much ourselves. Actually the boys opted not to trick or treat at all, but handed out treats to the few kids we had wander by. And Becca is just too little too to understand it, so she's just fine gobbling what ever she can get her hands on LOL ;)

All 3 of your kids looked adorable btw. We had a clown, an alien and a princess here, of course cute too ;)

smariek said...

They look so cute in their costumes. I think she's a smart one, hanging onto the ax in case she runs into the old hag/wicked stepmother.