Saturday, December 20, 2008

Cranking out the Scarves

I don't usually care to knit scarves, because they're long and generally rather boring to knit. I am all about instant gratification. (Also, I have the annoying habit of assuming everyone is as short as me, and therefore only needs a 3 foot scarf.) However, I'm running out of time, and I needed a few extra Christmas gifts.

Out fly the needles, and scarves are on the agenda!

First up is a scarf for my Mum, made of the most luscious yarn, ArtYarns Silk Rhapsody. The yarn made a really cool pooling zig-zag pattern as I knit it. (Of course, I intended for it to work out that way, *cough-cough*). Sometimes beautiful yarn really doesn't need an elaborate pattern, so I just used large needles and worked it in garter stitch. (I keep repeating to myself the mantra, "less is more, less is more" in the hopes that it will eventually sink in.)

I couldn't completely erase bad tendencies, though, so I added some extra jazz with freshwater pearls that are knitted in randomly. I couldn't get the pearls onto the yarn, because the yarn was too thick, so I threaded them onto a spool of heavy-duty thread, and knitted the thread up the same time as the yarn, and just slipped pearls as I went. I'm not entirely sure how I like the look. If Mum likes it, I'll leave them in and then add more pearls as tassels. I haven't ruled out frogging the whole thing and starting over, either. Beautiful yarn (and my beautiful Mum) deserves a beatiful scarf.(On a side note, I rarely care for silk clothes or yarn, because the smell often makes me horribly sick to my stomach. I've read that the offensive smell can be due to the processing, which is why sometimes silk smells and sometimes it doesn't. I was very pleased to note that this yarn didn't smell badly to me at all!)

A few weeks ago our local yarn shop had a special presentation of Suzy the Shepherdess Yarns, and Miss Boo and I dropped by to see and pet. (She petted the sheep. I petted the yarn.)I always like to buy local whenever possible, and Suzy's yarn was so yummy I couldn't resist. Handspun yarn is really lovely stuff, and has such wonderful texture.The two scarves I made with this yarn were also knitted with garter stitch, but this time I used separate needle sizes, a US 9 and a US 13.I call it "His and Her Scarves", because although they're the same two yarn colors, they alternate colors differently.
(Specifics for each scarf can be found on my Ravelry page.)


Ellen said...

Gorgeous scarves! So pretty. The yarn even looks "scrumptious" from the pics. :)

Ellen said...

Oh my gosh Rachel when are you getting here?? I need that little shopper and that scarf!!! My heart is yearning for both of them. I am going shopping with Miss Boo too, just her and me :) Can't wait!