Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Daisy Modified

My friend Nikki started knitting the Daisy baby cardigan from Knitty, and I was so inspired, I decided to do one too.

I have a bit (*ahem, cough-cough* LOT) of yarn in my stash, so I figured this project was perfect for stash-busting.

Although I don't like knitting with ribbon yarn, I have to admit that the finished result is really nice. This stuff isn't really supposed to be knit at such a fine gauge (US size 3 needles), so it was excruciating to work with. The final fabric, however, has a fluffy and wonderfully soft feel, rather like chenille, and so was worth the frustration.

(Yarn: JoAnn Sensations Carlo, discontinued, 3.5 skeins)

I modified the regular Daisy pattern a bit by working the entire bottom section in ribbing, and making it wider than the 12-month size by having a few extra stitches cast on. Also, instead of doing the seed stitch edging, I made a faux ribbed edging by purling two rows, and then knitting three rows. It worked perfectly!
Finally, I pulled out some buttons from my buttons stash. (Yes, I have a button stash, too, although I can honestly say that this stash is manageable. It's really just a collection of buttons from old clothes that I've thrown away.)
Ta-daaa, finished! I'm very, very happy with it, and hopefully the recipient will be too!


Mary said...

Very pretty. I'll bet it feels wonderful.

Diane said...

Really pretty especially with your modifications.

I love the muppet christmas carol I'm listening to. In fact I'll be hanging around a little longer just to hear the end. lol

LaVerna said...


Sereknitty said...

I've been away in Winnipeg, playing in the snow and -26 deg. Celsius weather, so am only seeing your wonderful Daisy sweater now. I much prefer your version to the original -- the mods you made are perfect!

Nikki said...

OOOOOH, I like yours way better than mine! lol

Too Little Time said...

Hey = pretty - love the color. Sorry I've been out of touch - that darn work thing you know :) K

TuttleTime said...

Tooooo cute...Does that come in Mommy sizes. I love, love the color and the buttons. So nice.

How do you get all that done so quickly. I think knitting must be quicker than crochet. It has to be! ;( Grr...I can't get anything done lately. Moan and groan.

Very nice and pretty. Good job!