Friday, December 12, 2008

Peter's Glasses

The other day I was getting groceries at our Super Wal-mart (yes, unfortunately I have to shop there sometimes), when I noticed that the Eye-Care Center was open, and the specialist was in. Rather on a whim, I decided to see if Peter could get an eye exam.
I've always had a sneaky suspicion that Peter's eyesight wasn't quite right, and although the price of getting an eye exam made me a bit squeamish, I decided to go with my instinct. Peter complains of headaches more often than I think a child should get them, and I've noticed him sitting close to the TV to watch movies. My suspicions weren't from anything that stood out in particular, and there were lots of reasons to explain his behavior, but still I wanted to know for certain that my little boy was okay.

I was happy to learn that an exam could be given to a little boy his age, although putting the pupil-diluting drops in his eyes was not fun at all. Thankfully the sting only seemed to last a minute or so (although getting them IN took about 30 minutes).He thought it was cool that he had to wear sunglasses in the store afterwards, so that the lights wouldn't hurt his overly enlarged pupils.
Breanna, of course, not wanting to miss out on any of the drama, insisted that her eyes were hurting too.
So, after the exam, I learned that my fears were justified, and Peter did indeed need glasses, due to an astigmatism in both eyes.

Hooray, I get to put fragile, expensive, and semi-lethal objects on my son's head.
The day after I got the glasses, I (note, I) dropped them onto the gravel driveway and got the lenses horribly scratched. The irony of this was not lost on me, or the poor specialist who tried very hard not to giggle when I brought Peter's sad looking glasses back in to be repaired. My four-year-old gets glasses, and his mommy is the one to break them first. *Sigh*. Thankfully, they were still under warranty, so a new pair of lenses were ordered for free.

A week later, a day before his new lenses came in, Peter lost his glasses.

So, feeling extremely foolish and idiotic, I had to go back to the Eye Care Center, and explain that I had to purchase new frames for my free pair of lenses, because we'd already lost them. (Remember, this is only a week later). The specialist heroically contained her snickering and rang up a totally new set of glasses, which thankfully only cost me $10.

The only smart thing I did with those stupid glasses was ensuring at the outset that I got the cheapest pair, foreseeing that I'd no doubt have to replace them soon and often.


Ellen said...

On a brighter note, maybe he'll outgrow it eventually, as I did. (I had the same thing.) I hope that from here on out you have better "luck" with the frames/lenses. It has got to be tough maintaining such a fragile item with/on a rambunctious young boy. Mommy's always know... glad that you listened to your intuition and got his eyes looked at.

Twinmama said...

Glad you got his eyes checked, but I too was snickering along with the eyeglass specialist...hee hee. You know most mommies would say their kid did it. At least you owned up! :D

Barbara said...

Glad the headaches have gone. So funny about the glasses.

Ellen said...

Can you post a picture of Petsey with his glasses on?? He looks so debonair and distinguished. This behavior of loosing things must run in the family. Last night I lost a Chinchilla... I will expound on that one later!

Mary said...

Well, maybe you could be thankful that he is with you instead of going off to school where there are more opporturnities and places to lose and damage them. My sister bought 3 pair for her grandaughter and she still lost them. I like the picture with the big grin instead of a growl though he seems to prefer snarls and growls. hah

LaVerna said...

I know what you mean about glasses and keeping them on a young one.My oldest has had to wear them since she was 20 months old!She has an awful asthmatism and is virtually blind without correction.
We never lost any glasses but 3 days after she got contacts,she lost the left one and didn't realize it all day long.Oy vey!Kids!