Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Spreading the Disease

My friend Kim has been learning to knit, and just completed her first project, a dishcloth.I would like to state here and now that her dish cloth (her VERY FIRST KNITTING ATTEMPT) is disgustingly better than my first dish cloth.My first dishcloth more appropriately earned the term, dishrag.

grumble-grumble, grrrrrrr.


Too Little Time said...

OK - I'm catching up --- ABSOLUTELY LOVE the family pictures!!! You want to run over and do mine cause let me tell you this is NOT an area where I excel. I have wanted pictures of my two children (nicely taken) for the last two years and still haven't booked an appointment to part with the cash-ola yet. I went looking for pics for my Christmas note and poor Josh has none. There are many files of Lis cause she continually takes them of herself and friends. I'm an alful mother.

Froggy is adorable -- Gabe just can't appreciate yet what his spectacular mother taxes herself to come up with for him.

I'm hoping to teach my GF to knit when she visits in January. I know she doesn't need another craft... but I just can't resist. :O K