Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hmmm, Choices, Choices

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Although we usually take an extended holiday vacation around this time of year, this year, our vacation is bordering on the ridiculous.

You know that saying, "Fish and visitors stink in three days"? We arrived in the Sunny South on Christmas Eve, and we're not planning to leave until this Saturday. Yup, that's over three weeks. Right now our family must have the sweet aroma of rancid orange juice mixed with whale blubber dribbled on liver pate with a side of curdled milk.

(Hungry now? Just re-read that last sentence while flaring your nostrils, and your New Years Resolution Diet will stay intact at least one more day.)

Thankfully, my parents are enamored enough of my kids that they'll put up with us for this indefinite vacation period. If we stay for much longer, though, I think my Mum will start to develop a nervous tic and my Dad (Bompey) will need stronger blood pressure medication.
(My parents have this placard hung over the door of the Bompey Bus: "Grandchildren are God's reward for not killing your kids".)
In all fairness, we have a very, VERY good reason for being so rude. Here's the temperature in the Sunny South:

Here's the temperature in the Frigid North:

I think Peter had the right idea when he asked me if we could stay until it was summer up where we live.

*Sigh*, unfortunately, enough knitters know where I live, that if I stay away too long, my stash would be in grave danger.
(Stupid Ravelry. Now every rabid knitter in the state knows that I'm out of town, and exactly what loot I've got stored in the attic.)


Too Little Time said...

The STR and claudia handpaint are in serious trouble.... you better get your toukus back home :) K

Mary said...

So glad you are having a good visit. I've been missing your posts. Wishing you safe travel home.

Flipfloppingmamma said...

After posting your stinkin' weather report your stash is now GONE!! Nikki and I broke in and took it! So THERE!

TuttleTime said...

Too funny!!! I love it....We all know how kids are, but comparing Andy and your kids to whale blubber...not sure that's fair. Ha! I hope you all have a safe trip home. I wish you and I could have had more one on one time, but we mommy's don't really get that much any more, do we? :)