Saturday, January 31, 2009

Long-Term Renovations

Our house is over a hundred years old, and when we bought it, we knew it would take a lot of work to make it fit our taste and style.
(First of all, contrary to Peter's thinking, we did not live here when it was first built, and secondly, our taste and style includes such posh amenities as electricity and running water.)

Quite a bit of the downstairs is done, with about half of the upstairs portion of the house being in several stages of "done".

However, thanks to some subtle and well-timed hints on my part ("Dear, I think unfinished sheet rock adds a nice touch of modernism to our home, don't you?"), Handyman has again taken up his handy hammer and wielded it upon our unsuspecting house.
He has begun construction of the window seat, which will be in our dining room. Peter has already gotten a jump on him, and has implemented it as a bridge.

Although Handyman is a carpenter by trade, working his trade in his own home is often daunting for him. I've noticed that men can be easily distracted by such trivialities as tools wandering off and traffic jams being constructed on their building materials.
However, my Handyman has shown remarkable talents, and weathered the onslaught of toddler terrorism.
I've really enjoyed watching Handyman work on the house.
(Whistling innocently . . .)

Who knows? We might actually get one more thing done around here!
I wonder how long it will last until the kids destroy it?


Flipfloppingmamma said...

You are turning into Pioneer Woman!

TuttleTime said...

It's going to be nice...can't wait to see it. Nice butt shot. LOL.

smariek said...

This window bench will be lovely once it is done.

I've gotta learn to drop hints like that. We moved in 16 months ago and the hood over the stove still hasn't been installed!

All Natural Mama said...

Ooooh.. I'm jealous! I love window seats. Is he going to build it with the lift-up lid? Are you going to sew a cover for it?
Your dining room really does cry out for a window seat right there - it's the perfect spot for one.

Too Little Time said...

Beautiful! - My first dh was a carpenter also -- we lived with things "not quite done" until the house was to be put on the market (2x) and than they actually got done.

Currently there are "severl" underway projects that I wish would be completed. I have found that sometimes (for me) its best to figure out a way I can complete something so it actually gets done. :) K

Kit-bert: evil HR Director said...

lookin' good!! (the window seat, obviously!) LOL Can't wait to see the finished product! and I love how Peter has all his cars/trucks on it...LOL