Monday, January 26, 2009

Things I Love About the South

1. Sweet Tea. Truly, it's the nectar of the gods.
2. Southerners can't spell. I know spelling is supposed to be a regional failing, but the incidences of spelling-homicide and grammatical suicide are much higher down here. I find it rather charming and endearing. 3. The people. I think most people are friendly, but Southerners are just so downright "come on by ya'll and let's ramble awhile", which should be read, "Come a-won ep, yawll ayand leyuts RAM-bull awoll".


Nikki said...

They can spell Jalapeno, but they can't spell CHOCOLATE?!?!?!? Now thats a crime! ;0)

Leah said...

As a southerner i must point out that you have a grammatical error and 2 #2's in your post. Just thought i would let you know. :-) lol

TuttleTime said...

It's all about diversity, I guess. I mean we have country music AND rap..We all know how grammatically correct those songs can be. Living down south is great!