Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Birthday Goodies

Did you know that Handyman and I have our birthday on the same day?!

Pretty wild, huh?

Get this, we even have our anniversary on the same day!

(I'll give you a moment to work that one out, hee hee!)

Anyway, my sweet sis Angie sent us a huge box full of goodies, and they arrived on my barren and empty wasteland of a front porch this morning. Angie said she felt bad because it was a little late, but in my mind, it came exactly when I needed a little lift.
Does my sister know me, or what? I mean, what could possibly be better than yarn?!!
She gave me this awesome bag that's made especially for knitting projects. See those long vertical pockets on the side? That's for basic necessities like needles, yarn, or a bottle of wine.
Right now I'm working on a crocheted rug (pictures will be in an upcoming post), and I've been stuffing the entire thing in an ugly plastic trash bag. Poor rug; I think it's developing a complex. Now I can make amends and let it relax in this gorgeous bag! My rug will travel in better style than I do!

Angie's very crafty, and she's a fantastic crocheter. A few years ago, she gave me crocheted pot holders, and I've used them exclusively ever since. I'm so glad she gave me another one in the box, because my old ones are complaining that they need to go into retirement.

Handyman isn't as enthusiastic about yarn as I am (for which I am at a loss to understand, but for which I'm thankful, since I don't have to share my stash), so Angie also included a check for him to spend. I have a feeling it'll go towards a new disc for disc golf.

Last, but not least, I found a bag of goodies for the kids. She filled it with Asian candies and gift certificates for McDonald's.

*Sigh*, I guess that means I'll have to force myself to take them to McDonald's. The things mothers must do for their children.

(Before you start feeling badly for me, I should confess that our weekly McDonald's playdates are the highlight of my week. It's rather pathetic how excited I get when Wednesday rolls around!)

I can't wait to share the loot with Handyman and the kids - I think they'll love their goodies as much as I love mine!


Kit-bert: evil HR Director said...

awww....very very sweet! Both Angie and you are very crafty :) well if you're not as upset with Ang for her lateness, then hopefully you won't be upset with me for mine. My lateness derives from a sad budgeting/tax reason but your gift is on it's way with the Easter bunny. Sad I know, but I hope you understand...better late than never right? :) Love, your lame sister (the non-crafty one)

Womanji said...

I have that bag too! I just love it. Mine was a gift also.

Ellen said...

What a bunch of cool "loot!" ;) How fun. I absolutely love the pic of Handyman and the kids... :) So cute.

Sereknitty said...

I love that your birthdays & anniversary are all the same day --no chance of anyone forgetting that!

Gorgeous bag -- I love the colour! LOL at comment about room for bottle of wine!

TuttleTime said...

YAY...YOU GOT IT. No stealage from the post office. :)

I am SO glad you like the yarn and nice tote. If there is one thing I know we Kahue sistas like and that is a good bag or purse. Lynn tends to love those fashionable ones, where you and I love the big crafty useful ones. I was worried about getting you the tote the more I thought about it, because I thought for SURE that you would have made yourself one by now. Then, I remembered that you and I rarely make stuff for ourselves. :) So glad you like them. Also, I am sorry I only made you one potholder. I bought so much yarn to make you 3 for CHRISTMAS, but agast...only 1 made it from my yarn stash. :( I had these grandious (sp?) intentions of making you two sets (4) with different colors, but only one made it. I was unhappy with the other one that I made. no comment, but it involves my inconsistency and inability to count over 10. LOL. Anyway, I am thrilled you need and love the bag. I knew about the kids' weekly McD I thought I'd give them the "power" to order whatever they want using the coupons.

Andy was difficult to buy for, as most guys are...Grr, but I figured all guys can use the cashola. :)

Glad the package arrived when you needed all of you. Very much love the pic of the "kids" at the end of the post. :) hug them all for me and then ask them to hug you for me! :)

Hope to see you soon...I am itching to get out of town. I may take a trip up there this summer...more on that laters. :)

hakucho said...

Happy birthday to you both a little late. Sounds like you had a wonderful
trip for your anniversary...lucky you!!

You also lucked out with a wonderful knitting bag and all the other loot...I love the bag, it's awesome!!

happy knitting and welcome home!