Thursday, May 28, 2009

Just When They Thought They Were Safe

My friend Flipflopping Mama is moving away (sob, sniff, whine, wail, moan), so another friend, Nikki, decided to host a going-away/birthday party for her. Not content to make us all show up and give her gifts, Flipflopping Mama decided to truly test our friendship by making us all relive the 80's.

Considering that I was 9 when that decade ended, there was a lot going on that I was clueless about. For instance, what's with the rubber bracelets were were forced to wear?
I do remember the shoulder pads, which Esther rocked nicely.
As the evening progressed, her hair kept getting bigger and bigger. I have a sneaky suspicion that her hair has some sort of chia-pet like fascination with hair-spray; the more hair spray, the bigger the hair grows.(She's totally going to kill me for this photo. Thankfully, she never checks my blog, so I think I'll be safe.)

Liz bravely sallied forth in green tights and leg warmers.
Nikki, the hostess, wore an outfit that *I think* she called a twinkie\Madonna costume. I just know Breanna would have loved that skirt.
Since I was clueless as to 80's wear, Nikki kindly helped me out with my wardrobe. She got me a Bugle Boy shirt and a stonewashed fanny pack. She and Flipflopping Mama have threatened me with a painful death if I ever use my fanny pack for knitting purposes, which stinks, as it's the perfect size for socks . . .
Considering the amount of hairspray that I doused my hair with for her party, Flipflopping Mama should have nothing to complain about!

I could have dove headfirst off of a third storey window and been entirely protected.

As a very sweet gift, Flipflopping Mama gave us all handy tote bags, each one with a special message printed on the front.

Before you play this video, you might want to turn off the music player on my left sidebar first. Also, I would like to mention here that I promised Flipflopping Mama that I would not post video of her singing. Nowhere on this video could she be accused of "singing".)

Hee hee.

If you would like more embarrassing photos of this party, you can check out Flipflopping Mama's post here, and Nikki's post here.


Flipfloppingmamma said...

Nice video! blah!! You are so in trouble. look JUST like your daughter and mother in that self portrait. Now we know where Boo gets her snarkiness!

Nikki said...

LOVE it!!!!!!!!!! That was so MUCH FUN! :)

All Natural Mama said...

Aaauugh! She should really warn people that she is taking video, lol. Who even knew she was recording at the beginning of the party?
I didn't notice how well Esther and Lynn matched until I saw them standing near each other at the beginning of the video. Hilarious! It was a blast.

Ellen said...

Love it! What fun! ;) -You seriously NEVER had any of those bracelets when you were young? Loved the fanny pack too, .... cracked me up. Sorry your friend is moving away -- but glad you were able to have a fun party to make memories with.

TuttleTime said...

This is the BEST party idea ever. I wish I had a reason to throw a party like that. too fun. :) Yeah, you were born and grew up in the 80's, so you don't remember it....but it was pretty cool..or narly! :)