Friday, July 31, 2009


When we were traveling back to the Frigid North on the Bompey Bus, we made a few detours, one of which was a lovely camping site in the Ozark mountains.

There was an absolutely breathtaking view of the lake, and the swimming area was awesome; nice and sandy and shallow, with fun cliffs to jump off of. That's my Mum making a flying leap into the murky blue below. Peter and Boo were very impressed.
Peter was so impressed, that he tried to make his sister take a flying leap too. She wasn't too pleased with him for that.
Gabe had so much fun toddling through the water that he was completely worn out by 10:00.
The lake had a dam, and when the water was flowing through it, the river water from the upper mountains was absolutely frigid. I could hardly stand to put my foot in the water, it was so cold! Uncle Gary and Peter tried to catch some fish, but I think the fish were not biting due to the fact that they're teeth were chattering too hard to bite any worms. (Yes, I know that last statement wasn't entirely accurate, I'm just exaggerating for journalistic purposes.)
Also nearby was a fish hatchery.

Stinky, but fun nonetheless!