Thursday, August 20, 2009

A New Hobby

My friend Flipflopping Mama makes the coolest stamped handmade cards, so when my SiL Natalie started selling the new clear acrylic stamps for Close To My Heart, I decided I'd finally check out this whole card stuff for myself.

Some of my early cards (this one was my first) aren't very good. Even I can see that.

However, I started getting a bit better and more creative.
Besides, who cares, when it's this much fun making cards?!
This card I made from my favorite set, which I purchased from Natalie (click here if you'd like to contact her about Close To My Heart stamps.)

I found that making cards was a fantastic way to use up some of the leftover paper scraps from my album pages.
Plus, it was nice to be able to sit down and create something in just a few minutes. Scrapbooking is fun too, but takes more of a time commitment.

This one is my favorite birthday card, because I got to use all my favorite card elements; ribbon, 3-D stamps, glitter, and a window.


Ellen said...

Oh great, .... now you've reminded me of YET ANOTHER hobby I have NO TIME for!!! ;/ I have a HUGE organizer tower FULL of stamps just calling out to me to be used! *sigh*

I LOVE to make my own cards -- and the stamps are really fun to start incorporating into your scrapbooking too. Glad you've found another great hobby to do. ;) Your cards look awesome! They are fun to make, aren't they? I've never heard of the company your SIL is selling for, but Stampin' Up! is great too, if you know anyone who sells those.

Happy stamping! :)

Jen said...

These are really pretty!

Sereknitty said...

Nice work! Now you'll understand my obsession! This is what I do for work -- I design cards & scrapbooking for a local store, to be used as kits, or for teaching classes. It's addictive!

TuttleTime said...

I just love the paradise card. I am thinking of framing it...if I can just find it! Sigh. Michelle loves paper things like cards, who knows. Glad I took a picture of it. I just love the colors...and tropical theme. Great job.

I tried to make cards...and I simply don't have the patience or talent. I think I need to go to class. ... I don't really need another hobby though.

I'll just mooch off of you and steal some of your cards when I'm up there. :)