Thursday, September 10, 2009


This has been a rather weird evening, to say the least.

First of all, it was strange because I got to get some food all by myself, and I didn't have to share with anyone, and I didn't need to cut it up into tiny pieces to reduce choking hazards.
(Can I just say that I'm completely and totally addicted to McDonald's grilled flatbreads? I'm in love, and Handyman will just have to deal with it.)

I topped that luxury off with a nice hot latte (also from McDonald's).
Then, thanks to a wonderful gift certificate from my wonderful Handyman, I went to Elite Spa to get a facial.
Wow, was it ever awesome!

The luxury!
The ambiance!
The relaxation!
. . . and no kids around to ask for crayons or dinosaurs or princess clothes!

Afterwards, I didn't feel like going home and confronting messy children, a messy house, and a, um, untidy husband, so I decided to go to Maurices to look at clothes. Imagine my surprise when I ran into some girlfriends there!
Nikki was taking a brief hiatus from her newest hobby, Ty Pennington Stalking (from the reality show, Extreme Makeover Home Edition).
The show is filming here in our little town this week, so Nikki with her connections has been kept up-to-date of all the man's moves. Since the rest of us aren't quite so well connected as our celebrity stalking friend, we just hang around and enjoy the ride!
After hanging around in the hotel's lobby for a few minutes, the poor beleaguered man made his way downstairs to watch the football game. Thankfully my flash was broken, so I didn't have to worry about accidentally blinding him or getting myself thrown out by his body guards.
Poor guy. People started crowding him and pretty soon the camera flashes made the room almost too bright to stand. Now I know how my hermit crabs feel when the kids tap on the glass.
So anyway, while we were there waiting for Liz to finish her drink, we started a conversation with the sound technician for the show, a very nice man named Roger.
(Nikki, I hope you can forgive me for the blurry photo!)

He seemed so nice, and I felt badly for him that he wouldn't have time to see much of our town (not that there's much to see, really), so I think I'll bake him an apple pie. That way he can have a taste of what it's like to live in such a nice little town as ours!


All Natural Mama said...

Fun! Lol, Nikki is hilarious.

Flipfloppingmamma said...

that hotel bar has never seen so much!1

Nikki said...

SOOOOOOOOOO glad you came with me, your first stalking mission AND losing your bar virginity in the same night?!?!???!?!?!?! I feel so honored. Oh by the way, talked to our buddy Roger today, hes pretty stoked about the pie ;o)

TuttleTime said...

Flatbread, Facials, and! lucky! It's so nice that you get to escape like this every so often. we all need to do that. :)