Saturday, October 24, 2009

Family Photos

My dear friend Esther (a.k.a. "Batwoman Extraordinaire") has a lot of experience with photography, and kindly consented to take family photos for us.

Now, taking a picture of our family is quite difficult for many obvious reasons, first and foremost the fact that three of our family members could still be classified as toddlers. (No, Handyman is not one of the three, and neither am I, contrary to snide remarks about my height.)
To add to the level of possible chaos was the temperature - it was quite literally freezing. Only three hours earlier we had our first snowfall, although it was just a light dusting that didn't stick. Because I didn't want to have our family photos taken with us dressed in our winter parkas (all except Handyman, who has an absurd tolerance for all things chilly), we were dressed in three layers of clothing.
Thankfully Esther, with true superhuman powers, managed to snap quite a few beautiful photos all the while maintaining a level of sanity not often witnessed by persons in this household.
I love this picture, because it seems to capture Peter and Gabe's relationship perfectly. Peter really does a wonderful job of watching out for the little guy, and Gabe loves to mimic anything Peter does.
Isn't this cool? Pictures of Handyman and me! Since I'm always the family photographer, we rarely have pictures of the two of us! Plus, there's no kids in the photo, and I can assure you that none of them went swimming during the course of the photo shoot, despite their best efforts to do so.

My handsome little Professor.

Is this not a precious photo? What sweet eyes! What sweet cheeks! What a sweet expres- uh, wait, maybe that's not quite so sweet . . .

(I would like to make a plug for the free photo editing software Picassa at this point, for its wonderful ability to photographically remove boogers.)

Love, LOVE this one! There's even a picture of our house in the background . . . .
(I'll let you mull that one over a bit . . .)

This one cracks me up, because this is my little Miss Boo to perfection.

Thanks, Esther, for capturing so many great memories for us!


Ellen said...

Yours are even better than these:

Acornbud said...

You have a great looking family! But then you knew that:)

Liz Foley said...

Love the picture of Peter on the rock - very cute!

Too Little Time said...


Kit-bert: evil HR Director said...

awww, I LOVE these pics Rach! what a beeyoutiful family!! Can you email them to me so I can print out and frame them? :) Thanks! Love you!

TuttleTime said...

I cannot believe I missed this post! I was going through all your posts and just "stole" several of these pictures. They are wonderful and inspiring. I plan to have professional pics taken next week...I hope they turn out as nicely as these did. They are just wonderful!!!!!