Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pumpkins, People, and a Party!

Our church got together last Sunday afternoon for a wonderful time of fellowship. First, we met at Happy Joe's Pizza Place to get something to eat.
(Well, the adults came to eat. The kids came to play the games.)
After the kids were gorged with sugary sweets and soda, we took them to Rob and Stacey's house to let them wield sharp implements on innocent pumpkins.
(Just kidding. Only the adults had the knives.)
Thankfully, it was an absolutely gorgeous afternoon, so the kids didn't have any need to be indoors.
The adults didn't seem to have any desire to miss the beautiful weather either.
Hmmmm, who's this mystery man?
For the little ones who might not have had any interest in carving a big pumpkin, there were tiny pumpkins ready to be painted. Several children were also painted.
Little Luke was very good at demonstrating exactly what sort of face his pumpkin should have.
"We want our pumpkins to have MEAN faces!"
What sweet children.
The older kids decided that the piles of pumpkin goo were just too much fun to ignore, so they began a game of "catch the pumpkin guts".
Later in the afternoon the guys went inside to watch the Bengals beat (cough, cough obliterate in a humiliating fashion) the Bears.
The Bears fans weren't so happy.
Still, despite the crushing defeat, it was a lovely afternoon spent with great friends!


Kit-bert: evil HR Director said...

love the alliteration, Rach! Pumpkins, People and Party...oh my! :) Looks like good times all around! and a beautiful fall day too!

Flipfloppingmamma said...

Stacey let you eat AND drink in her living room!!!???