Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Grandma's 90th Birthday Bash

A few weeks ago the L. Clan got together to celebrate Grandma L.'s 90th birthday. Isn't she fabulous looking?

It was lots of fun to meet up with all the family again. Although most of us live in this general area of the Frigid North, we don't see each other much except for holidays and special occasions.

Due to the number and ferocity of L.'s and their children, we met at a local highschool building. The kids (and big kids) had fun playing in the gym. I got sick of trying to keep track of Gabe, so I commandeered one of Grandma's birthday balloons and tied it onto him. That way I could sit and knit and follow the progress of the balloon throughout the crowded room and know where the little guy was.
We all brought food to share. Peter was disappointed to learn he had to eat real food before hitting the dessert buffet.
That's my brother-in-law Tom. He's single (which is why no one would sit with him. Just kidding. Anyone want his phone number? He's cute in a large teddy bear sort of way . . . )


All Natural Mama said...

Fun! It must be so great to come from a small community where you can use the high school for functions. My mom's family is from Dakota, and they let us use their gym for a funeral feast a few years ago.
I must say that you couldn't do that here in FPort, ya know?
The kids must have had a blast. It's so great they had a gym for them to run & play, rather than trying to stuff everyone into a small house and then expecting the kids to behave, lol!!
Happy B-day to Grandma L!

TuttleTime said...

Great pics...the balloon idea was great...Gabe probably had a blast running and screaming all over the gym. Michelle would have loved that.