Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Pwincess Pawty

My little girl had her fourth birthday last month, so we had a Princess Party (which she pronounces "Pwincess Pow-ty").

Every princess needs a Frog Prince. We played a blindfold game called "Pin the Kiss on the Frog".
Andrew L. was nice enough to cut out the lips for the kids. It takes a confident man to cut out lips.
Everyone was so kind and brought beautifully wrapped presents.
I jokingly told Batgirl Esther that I modeled the frog after Andy, to which she promptly wafted her B.O. toward the unsuspecting frog.
I had picked up foam crowns (complete with stick-on "jewels") for the kids to decorate. Gabe kept trying to eat his crown. (You'd think it'd stay put though; his head is certainly big enough!)

Even Peter got in on the action! His crown looked remarkably like the Statue of Liberty's when he was done.
Here's a photo of all the Princesses in their finery. The Knights were off slaying dragons or something.
Every year I make the kids a special cake. I am by no means a good cake decorator (not like my friend Ellen), but somehow the cakes squeak by resembling what I intended them to look like.

Happy birthday to our little Princess Boo!


Acornbud said...

What a lovely party. I love the crown decorating! Your cake came out great. How do you find the time? (especially with all those helpers, heh)

TuttleTime said...

I love the frog and kisses. great idea. The cake looked so fun and amazing!!!! Great job. Banna looked so funny...happy but kinda snarky like only a Banna Booski can do! :)