Sunday, November 22, 2009

Shopping Lessons

When my friend Flipflopping Mama and I went shopping during our recent St. Louis Expedition, she gave me a quick tutorial on Mall Shopping. I've already posted my personal shopping philosophy before, so hopefully it won't come as quite a shock to my reader(s) (again, being optimistic that there are more than one of you out there) that I'd never before been inside an Eddie Bauer store.

Or a Gymboree.

Or a Children's Place.

Or an Ann Taylor Loft. (Well, we ran out of time, so I've still never been in there.)

At Eddie Bauer, I was shocked to discover that it is possible to purchase jeans that fit. I mean, jeans that fit over my ample Hawaiian hips. As any Polynesian gal will tell you, there's a reason why island people do the hula - it's not a dance, it's just the way people with ample hips walk.
Best yet? I picked up these beautiful jeans for $20! They were originally $70, but with the clearance and F.F.M.'s nice 15% off coupon, I got expensive jeans for a cheap Wal-mart price!

At Gymboree I was able to combine a $5 coupon with another 15% coupon to snag this dress for Miss Boo for $10. I realize that's not uber-cheap, but I thought it was a decent price, especially since this dress is usually $45 and she was in need of a church dress.
The yarn wasn't cheap at all, but we all must have our weaknesses.

I look at it as being cheaper than therapy.

Sort of.

If I had a really expensive $21 an hour therapist.
Two skeins of the luscious, scrumptious, practically edible Colinette Jitterbug sock yarn in Chocolate Mint and Jay colorways.
I can't wait to cast on a pair of socks! Then I can wear them with my jeans!

(Which is why I bought the yarn. Nice jeans require nice socks. Logic is my forte.)


TuttleTime said...

Nice fitting jeans and knit socks...what in the world could be better than that? Oh, sipping tea with your big sis in those jean and socks. :)) I miss you!