Friday, November 13, 2009

A Visit from the South

My Dad and Mum came for a visit a few weeks ago, and we had such a lovely week with them. Although Dad still had to do some work for his Commando Consulting Company, we still managed to get in lots of fun time.
All that consulting practice came in handy. Here he is showing Gabe the proper way to load balls into Gabe's new toy.
We went for a nice long walk, despite the rain. My mum's Dutch, so water is no deterrent to her!
Gabe showed his mix of Hawaiian and Dutch heritage by enjoying the wet but refusing to wear shoes.
We also got to visit a local Alpaca farm, Cedarhill Creek Alpaca Farm, which was so much fun!
The owner had a little store set up, and my parents bought themselves each a beautiful hand-knitted Alpaca sweater, and one for me, too! (In fact, I'm wearing it as I type this post. I think it's my favorite sweater ever; warm, but not heavy).

Mum is thinking of starting an Alpaca farm for herself. Personally, I can't help thinking they'd be a perfect fit for her. . .

See any similarities? They say pet owners tend to resemble their pets!

Frankly, I think looking like an Alpaca is not a bad thing. I have Hermit Crabs for pets . . .


Ellen said...

You are toast for this!!! Retribution is on its way (:

TuttleTime said...

Oooo...Mom's going to GET you. :)