Monday, December 21, 2009

An Ironic Tale

I have a torn rotator cuff. This is not fun, and is painful in the extreme, but I am making the best out of a potentially bad situation.

Firstly, though, let me assure all my worried and well-meaning friends out there, that yes, I am still able to knit, therefore my family is still (relatively) safe from my more homicidal tendencies. Now that queries as to my sanity have been answered, I will relate what happened.

Unfortunately, I cannot claim any heroic acts of bravery as the cause of my injury, nor yet even a normal fall which might occur to any average rational human being. Sadly, I am suffering dire pain in my shoulder from the result of trying to put a small package of Bubble Wrap in the back of my van.

(I will pause a moment here to wait for you to stop sniggering.)

I was merely pushing the roll of bubble wrap over the back seat when I heard a very loud "thunk" from my shoulder muscle and almost fainted in the Staples parking lot from the wave of pain that crashed over me. Being a multi-tasker, I managed to scream at the same time, which nearly resulted in giving the poor fellow next to me a heart attack. It took me almost ten minutes to regain my composure enough to drive again, and since I was in great pain I just went shopping at Wal-mart instead of going to Wal-mart and Maurices. (Self-restraint is my mantra.)

I am a violinist and pianist, both of which require two good working shoulders, especially for violin playing, but I am trying to make the most out of a difficult situation.

This is, after all, the holidays, so thankfully I won't be needing to play any music any time soon. For consolation, I decided to get a manicure.
Getting a manicure is not usually an option for me, since musicians need short fingernails. I felt positively wicked and rebellious getting long acrylic nails pasted onto my fingertips!

I noticed then that the salon was running a special which involved getting a pedicure, so I went ahead and got that done too. (I didn't want my toenails to be jealous of my fingernails).

Knitting while getting a pedicure . . . is there any more luxurious way to spend an afternoon?
(I wonder if there's any way I could tear my other rotator cuff . . .)


Ellen said...

OUCH!!!! So sorry! Must say that the way you have written your post did make me laugh at first when I read it was all due to a roll of bubble wrap.... BUT, I quickly remembered your pain and ceased all chuckles. Absolutely love your pic of you getting a pedicure! :)

Anonymous said...

I am looking at your picture and it looks likes bliss - yummy beverage, knitting and pedicure. Incidentally, I was looking on the Pioneer Woman website and there is a beautiful ruffle scarf that you knitted. Absolutely gorgeous!! Where would I find the pattern? Thanks and I'll let you get back to your knitting!!!

Ellen said...

Please bring your violin and lots of sheet music. Robin wants to play beautiful music with you!

Barbara said...

That bubble wrap is a killer;) Hope you are on the mend and back 100% soon.

Dawn said...

this is a very nice picture of you.