Monday, February 22, 2010

An Intervention Might Be Required

I have to stop checking out Anthropologie's website. I look at all the pretties and am inspired to try to make my own (cheaper) versions. My closet is starting to look like a Victorian June Cleaver convention was held in there!

This was one of the necklaces that caught my eye, so I headed to the Salvation Army to see what sorts of hideous jewelry they had that I could make over into something I liked better.

I got $4 worth of necklaces, pins, and other odd assortments and starting pulling everything apart. When I finished, I had this!

I know it's a bit over-the top for most outfits, but with my new ruffly off-white tee or my green rosette cardigan I think it will look very nice.


Tierra said...

Very Cute! I love thrift shops and what you can find.


Too Little Time said...

OMG - can you move near me to motivate, inspire and help me do all these things???? I LOVE all your inspiration - if I could only get my stuff to look as good as yours -- not happening..... I am TIRED of my T-shirt look but everything out there is $$$$ or t-shirt cotton

Dawn said...

OMG! this is awesome-what a great idea. I love anthropologie but since their clothes are sized for midgets the only thing I ever buy is accessories.