Sunday, February 7, 2010

Monkey Joes

In case you don't already know, Monkey Joe's is a child's dream and a mother's sanctuary. When one lives in the Frigid North in a rural (polite word for isolated) community (and by "one", I really mean "me"), one gets an extreme form of cabin fever that leaves one contemplating the merits of selling one's children on ebay, with one's husband thrown in for an extra bonus selling point.
Enter Monkey Joe's, the Freudian Friend to mothers. It's a huge open building the size of a Kohl's filled with several bouncy houses for children. There are computers and free wi-fi for parents, cushy armchairs, massage chairs (which do cost an extra fee, of course), and a smaller play area for younger kids.
When I was in the Sunny South I took the kids to a Monkey Joes there for the first time. While there I purchased a "frequent user card" which brought the cost down a little bit. (Adults are free, but it's about $4.50 per child with the frequent user card.)
This last Friday I and a few other moms from my rural town decided to try the Monkey Joe's in the nearby town of Shopping Bliss (and no, that's not it's real name. Quit trying to google it.) This Monkey Joe's was much nicer than the one in the Sunny South. It was clean and had more armchairs, which is the more important thing of the two.

Hey look, here comes Peter . . .
. . . who is quickly followed by Miss Boo.

Ah yes, Monkey Joe's; a truly magical place where fairies fly free and unicorns frolic gleefully - -

- -a place where siblings get along.


'Melissa Cleo' said...

Kids are beautiful. :) Our Lord has surely blessed you!

Ellen said...

My first reaction was to oo and ahh over Gabe's head of hair, as well as at how big he looks! Seriously - has it been THAT long since you posted pics on here?! The series of pics to follow were hilarious -- especially the last one. SO cute. She certainly has some personality, doesn't she? -Can see it all over her face and in her eyes... ;) All three of them are growing up so fast!

This Monkey Joe's Place sounds like FUN!