Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Aviary Throw Pillow

Remember this fabric? Well, one of the things I made with it was a nice little throw pillow for my bed.
I sewed a nice red trim to the edge to mimic the red accents in my bedroom, and used a coordinating fabric for the back.
The pillow is almost too big for a throw pillow, so I used two buttons sewn together through the middle of the pillow to help hold the stuffing in place so the pillow wouldn't end up lopsided after awhile.
The buttons were a bit of a pain to sew on because I only had a regular sized needle, and a longer needle would have made the process easier (and resulted in fewer finger pricks!). I am glad I did it though, because the buttons add a nice contrasting texture to the pillow.


Karrie said...

You are just so crafty -- I have been inspired! -- Pillow looks great :) K

TuttleTime said...

What a nice touch to your room! I can't wait til I have the time and money to revamp our bedroom. It's so blahhh.