Sunday, March 21, 2010

Just in Time for Easter

Our neighbors gave us their two baby bunnies which they didn't want anymore, and whom we have renamed Paganini and Clara.

Paganini is the black bunny and is named for the famous violinist/composer Nicolo Paganini who supposedly made a pact with the Devil to gain his extraordinary virtuosity.
Clara is named after Clara Schumann, one of my favorite female composers.
(Pets of a music teacher have the ill fate to be named after musical themes. It's an occupational hazard.)


Ellen said...

I can't wait to see the future PegaShumanites. Did you know that rabbits like to breed? Are you seriously going to keep them together??? No I don't want a rabbit for my classroom :) I have decided to name all my future alpacas after family members. Einstein has been renamed to Derek. The similarities are striking. Don't you just love animals? They keep life real!!

'Melissa Cleo' said...

Ellen you CRACK ME UP! LOL! ;) After taking "Dog-with-no-brain" (golden retriever Sam got for Christmas) to a 6-week dog behavior training course, have also realized we pick animals that resemble ourselves! There was an older, "heavyweight" couple that had a "heavyweight" pitbull. The man had a tough look about his face...just like the dog. To our right were a mother and her daughter that each had a Pomeranian. Both dogs and women were high-profile, heel walkin' (I could just imagine the stilettos on the dogs!) nose-in-the-air characters! Our pet (Chris: dog-with-no-brain) of course was the exception...he in no way resembles us!!! ;);)

Where are you keeping the rabbits is my question??? Had a friend in college who house-trained her rabbit.

TuttleTime said...

They are adorable...I love their names. I'm sure the kids think they are so sweet. Hope they tame, friendly to the kids. :)