Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Milwaukee Madness

I'm a busy mom with three kids (four if you count Handyman) who also works part time at home teaching music lessons.
Getting out doesn't happen often.

My sister Angie occasionally has to fly to different regions of the country for work reasons, and it's always a treat if her wanderings should lead her to my area of the Frigid North.

After my busy and hectic weekend, I was soooooo ready to have lots of laughs and enjoy some time away from the kids, if only for one night. I finished teaching my music lessons for the day, and swept off to drive the two hours to see my big/little sister.

The drive was beautiful. I usually hate driving (all that time sitting and not being able to knit!), but this time I didn't mind at all.
I found my way to the airport with no problems, where Angie was waiting for me. The timing was perfect; she'd just gotten to the curb!

From there we managed to get lost (laughing hysterically the whole time, which might have contributed slightly to the lost situation) while trying to find her hotel. We did see some pretty sights along the way.
(The good part about getting lost is that I had my sister to keep my company. The bad part was that I had to pee really badly and for some reason Milwaukee doesn't seem to appreciate a girl's need to pee; what's up with no gas stations or fast food places for 15 miles? Sorry, TMI.)

Angie's hotel was very beautiful, and reminded me strongly of my house. This would be my kitchen.
(If my kitchen was clean, had marble floors, good lighting, and 20 foot ceilings.)

I could also use these in my house. I'm sure I could think of several practical uses . . .

After a delicious dinner (which ended up costing the same as my weekly grocery budget for our family of five), we staggered around the hotel for a while, laughing hysterically and taking bizarre pictures.
The room had an amazing view from the front door through the peep hole.
It's so great to be sisters; we share similar genes and identical dorkiness!


Dawn said...

I like those last two picts an awful lot!

Ellen said...

I can't stop laughing. You are a goofball of the highest degree!!

Cleo said...

LMBO @ the peephole pics!!!
I too have a lil sis...
LOVE getting to spend time with her. Doesn't happen often enough. :(
She's in combat military police training in Army right now. She texted me a pic of a hummer they were working drills on rolling it!

Flipfloppingmamma said...

LOL!! You two are TOO funny!!

Ellen said...

Hysterical! You are so funny. Sounds like you had a great time together! It's always good to get a little time away!

Rachel said...

Sounds like a perfectly perfect girl's night out!