Friday, July 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Penny!

My dear friend Penny of the All-Natural Mama blog had her birthday a few weeks ago. In honor of the auspicious event, I took her out to see the movie Eclipse.
I had no personal desire to see it, but I suffered through it for Penny's sake. I'm a good friend.

It was all for my friend.


Shut up.

Anyway, along with going to see the movie, I was able to knit her a pair of socks. I used Bernat Sox yarn which is a tiny bit thicker than fingering weight, and I was shocked how quickly they knit up. Plus, they made some of the softest socks I've ever felt!
Happy birthday Penny!
(Okay, now don't everyone else start expecting hand knit socks for their birthday presents. I only do this for one friend a year. It might be your turn next. This is my method of bribing my friends to stick with me long-term.)


Nikki said...

Oh since I got socks last year, and you've "wasted" your once a year rule on Penny...I guess I'll need a sweater or something. Hey...maybe you could finish that one sweater I started a few decades ago...LOL

TuttleTime said...

Love the color...Looks nice and comfy. :)

All Natural Mama said...

Hey! I just now am seeing this posting. I feel like a celebrity, lol. Thanks for "suffering" through Eclipse with me. Yes, all the suffering sitting through a movie displaying hot Native American men going shirtless and gorgeous vampires having their way with willing humans. Rough, indeed.
Nate got a bootleg copy for me last week, I forgot all about it, so tonight I may skip the farmwork and use my in-laws night of babysitting instead to watch the shirtless Indians and hot vampires...
But of course you wouldn't want your own copy, as hard as it is to suffer through!
Lol, and thanks for the socks. I hate winter and live in slipper socks. Yours will be the most-worn, coolest, and warmest at my disposal!