Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Fail

I'm going to take an idea from my friend Nikki's blog and post a "Friday Fail" this week. (I'm not going to make this a weekly occurrence because my fragile ego wouldn't be able to handle seeing so much failure being publicized across the blogosphere.)

I've always wanted to knit the Burridge Lake Afghan (free pattern on Ravelry), so I decided to get it started, and hopefully I'll finish it in ten years or so. Knitting an afghan isn't as quick as crocheting one.
(What can I say, I'm stubborn.)

Isn't it beautiful? I just love cables, and the intricate weave of the lines in and out are mesmerizing to me.

This is my first attempt at the afghan, which I have since frogged.
It's not that I made a mistake in knitting it, but rather that the yarn I had chosen just wasn't quite right. It had a rather squeaky acrylic feel to it and either due to the color or my gauge, just looked cheap. I'm not going to put in all those hours and hours of work to have a finished blanket that looks cheap.

I've since re-started the afghan using I Love This Yarn in a warm dark chocolate color (called "coffee"; ironic I know), and it's coming out lots better. It's soft, has a lovely drape, and is a slightly thicker yarn so the gauge is tighter.
The afghan is knit in three sections; the middle is one section and then the two side panels. Once the sections are completed the three sections are sewn together. I'm almost two-thirds of the way finished with the center section, and once I'm finished with it I'll post a picture. The cables are complicated enough that I have to watch what I'm knitting, so this project isn't something I can do while watching television. I'll just keep chugging away at it until I get something done!


Nikki said...

LOL, glad I'm not the only failure! My fail for the week is that I forgot to post the fail friday post LOL

TuttleTime said...

Love the color...I am thinking of going totally natural colors for our bedroom. I saw a pillow at Marshall's today that inspired me. If I would have had my cell phone, I would have sent a photo.

Here's to a doubly fabulous week. It certainly couldn't get much worse...right?