Sunday, August 8, 2010


Although it's currently very warm here right now, I know that Winter is looming over my shoulder with icy breath of impending horror.

(Plus, JoAnn's had a great sale on fleece).

So, I sewed a pair of pajamas for Gabe.
He likes cars, trucks, trains, and wiggling. Trying to take his photo was nearly impossible until I bribed him with some of Handyman's chocolate stash.
This worked well.
Gabe has a massive head (I'm still shuddering when I remember trying to give birth to him), and as usual his baseketball head wouldn't fit through the neck opening.
It wasn't a very good seamstress fix, but I cut a small dark into the neckline so that I can wedge his head through.

Oh well, at least they're comfy and warm!


Rachel said...

Cute! I wish winter were looming here... there are NO signs whatsoever. Nor will there be. For months.

Nikki said...

I'm sweating just looking at those pajamas LOL...thanks for linking up to my par-tay! :)